800 SQ.FT lonely

This time when I stepped on the landing of my home floor I did not ring the bell. The thud of the latch and the click of the lock, directed me to the chimera of living room. For all it was neat and too perfect to bear. It smelled unsullied. Threw my bag on the... Continue Reading →

A Momentary Lapse of Sanity

When you don't get a ticket for Coldplay but you still go outside the arena, stand on the road divider of Bandra-Kurla Complex road just to hear Coldplay play live and think that's best you could get and make up your mind with it but suddenly out of nowhere the gate crew member of the... Continue Reading →

The Great War – Prelude

"One day the great European war will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans" - Otto von Bismarck (1888) The earlier twentieth century did have a lot of talks about the outcome of the great European war - A War to end all Wars. This was derived from the ambitions of military... Continue Reading →

Perpetual Crux

It's not something about me, it's something within me, It isn't something that lives within me, it's something that lives of me. It's not a part of me, I'm a part of it. How can something so unnatural and complex be described For even if our power of imagination lies far wide infinity, The roots... Continue Reading →

International Docking Adapter – The Gateway to Democratization of Commercial Space Transport

The installation of the International Docking Adapters (IDAs) on the International Space Station (ISS) is one of the most significant moments in commercial space transport. This is NASA's metaphorical gateway into a future in which it's crew goes to the ISS on America's own space vehicles, unlike aboard Russian vehicles as they did till this point. The International... Continue Reading →

KATTA. A testimony.

Public spaces. What are public spaces? Let's re frame this. What makes a space Public? For me, an Ideal Public Space is the one where each individual of each age group has a scope of contribution. Right from the ancient times, city planners have been striving to balance movement of humans and urban/public spaces. From... Continue Reading →

The Longing

The Satirical Engineer

          Strange things have happened since I left home for college. Things I wouldn’t have experienced unless I left my small world- Nashik, in search of a bigger and more adventurous world- Pune. I’ve met many courteous people and a few who were not. I must say that I’ve learnt more things this past few months away from home than I’ve in my entire life.
          The sense of independence you get from staying away from home, the burden of responsibilities, the pressure of studies, assignments, submissions and the need to take care of yourself really teaches a lot.
          Life here is certainly less monotonous compared to home. New adventures await each day. I enjoy the company of new friends, getting to know them, discovering new places, visiting unknown cafes and sports bars, playing football and embracing new hobbies; but something seems to…

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A Year in Dream

Dream!? Maybe something you can't stop thinking of, something which doesn't let you sleep and probably something you think, you'll be satisfied after fulfilling it.I can still feel the same "Adrenaline rush" which I felt a year ago, when I was about to fulfill one of my dreams, living in "The City Of Dreams -... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Duels of Ice and Fire

With the Battle of the Bastards and Tower of Joy, we saw clashes of warriors that would surely be a matter of ease for the bards to sing. In our 12000 year old history of Westeros, several great duels have taken place that, in all their bloodiness, are a spectacle for the eyes. Fights that... Continue Reading →

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